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Architectural heritage

IGeS World is in the final stage of the reconstruction of the northern wing of the Liceo Leonardo da Vinci – Reggio Calabria – Calabria – Italy.

news 18.08 - lirc 02

The Project of reconstruction of the North Wing of Leonardo da Vinci Lyceum, the main scholastic institution of Reggio Calabria city reached up to the final stage. According to the requalification and retrofit plan launched by the Province Office, the first stage has included the demolition of this side of the building and its reconstruction based on an anti-seismic approach. IGeS World took part of the architecture and mechanical design, providing the technical assistance to the contractor, CPL Polistena.


IGeS World works in the restoration and renovation of the Garibaldi Barrack that will be the new Palace Museum in Vibo Valentia – Calabria – Italy.

news 18.08 VICAM (1)

The restoration and renovation works of the former Convent of Minor Friars and Garibaldi Barrack for its conversion into the Palace of the Museums in Vibo Valentia, Calabria, Italy have sparkled. The structure, one of the most important architectural expressions of the city, is located into the historic heart of Vibo, and date back to the middle of the XVI Century.

Along with its life, it initially hoisted a Convent, then a Barrack, and finally a primary school. Now the Municipality has decided to convert the Building into a Museum Complex. Undoubtedly the best choice, considering the several functions accomplished by the structure: as a Convent to care the souls; as a Barrack to protect people and the community; as a School to provide cultural and educational training. Consequently, in pursuance of the public role of the identified symbol of the local community, the building will accommodate within its large premises many Museums: the Ethnographic museum of Calabria, the Memory Museum and the Identity Museum of the Region.  The important complex in the Southern Italy more than others will succeed in synthesizing the richness of the Greek culture, arts and architecture – from the old Magna Grecia city of Hipponion lately named Vibo – and the Roman conquerors that called the new colony Valentia. The name itself, Vibo Valentia clearly represents the successful result of the superposition of civilization.  

IGeS World has provided full basic and detailed design of the Project that foresees a remarkable seismic improvement of the structures, the stabilization of the weakest components of the building, and the rearrangement of the overall architecture.

Around the world …


Concrete blocks store energy efficiently, Biasca, Switzerland.

The startup, Energy Vault, thinks that has a viable alternative to pumped-hydro: Instead of using water and dams, the startup uses concrete blocks and cranes.

If you want to have more information about this entrepreneurship project, you can go to “Stacking concrete blocks is a surprisingly efficient way to store energy” published by Akshat Rathi on August 18, 2018, in Switzerland.


Morocco pioneers the first high-speed train link on the African continent.

The new intercity TGV, built by French engineering company Alstom, will more than halve the four hours and forty-five minute journey time from Tangiers to the industrial hub of Casablanca. Operating at a top speed of 320 km/hour, the 12 new trains will cover the 354-mile journey in just over two hours.

The project was jointly funded by France which contributing half of the total investment, with the other half funded by Morocco, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi.

If you want to have more information about this entrepreneurship project, you can go to “Morocco will soon unveil Africa’s first high-speed rail link published by Johnny Wood on August 28, 2018.

Salini Impregilo wins tender for Lima airport expansion project, Lima, Perú.

Salini Impregilo, in partnership with FCC and AECOM, has won a tender for a major project to expand the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima, Peru, one of the biggest airports in Southamerica. The project includes the construction of a second runway and a passenger terminal. The airport will eventually cover nine million square meters – rather than the current two million – and be able to serve 30 million passengers a year.

If you want to have more information about this entrepreneurship project, you can go to ´Salini Impregilo wins tender for Lima airport expansion project” published by Salini Impregilio website on September 05, 2018.

Cultural heritage

A devastating fire in the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A devastating fire destroyed the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, one of the most important museums on the continent founded about 200 years ago. The museum housed about 20 million items from Egypt, works of Greco-Roman art and some of the first fossils found in Brazil. Among the most important treasures was the oldest skeleton found in Latin America, dating back to about 12,000 years ago, of a woman renamed “Luzia”.

If you want to have more information about the incident, you can visit  “Brazil museum fire: ‘incalculable’ loss as 200-year-old Rio institution gutted” published by The Guardian newspaper, international edition on  September 3, 2018.