Welcome 2020!

Year 2020

(English version- company translation)

As everyone already knows,
the New Year has begun,
and, pay attention, be informed
it is pronounced twenty-twenty.
Twenty in numerology
means union and harmony.
Now that there are twice twenty,
That means much of harmony!
We will have no hatred or war
Neither in the Heavens nor on Earth!
Only peace, love, forgiveness,
if I say it, I get excited!
Optimism at breakneck speed,
these verses recommend you!
We look forward to work,
we will take great pride in it,
we say it among the lines,
we will focus on dams,
always clean energy
for progress and enhanced life,
and in Italy that restarts,
we are promoting infrastructures!
In other continents,
that are poor or prosperous,
more and more progress
we will bring with idabliu (IGeS World)
The balance, as always,
we will be done on December!


Valter Maria Santoro – CEO


The original version of the poem has been published in the business blog, italian language