IGeS World is enthusiastic about Expo Dubai 2020

Architecture, Sustainability, Mobility

IGeS World is is enthusiastic about Expo Dubai 2020 novelties and innovations especially in architecture, sustainability and mobility

A few years ago, at the southwest side of the city of Dubai new infrastructures started to raise. The first steps were the skeletons of Futuristic Buildings rising and starting to dominate the deserted panorama. Nowadays, we have there the vast grounds of Expo Dubai 2020. It is said that anyone can confound the towering glass and steel structures with a movie set of a very high budget science-fiction-film. According to the local press, it was the architects’ vision when they started the project. Expo Dubai 2020 should transport visitors into another world while they crossed any of the three six-story-carbon-fibre gateways.

From steel discs that rotate with the sun to capture its energy to trees that capture moisture from the air to produce water, from robots that control the irrigation systems and structures that make the most of sunlight in every way, Expo Dubai 2020 offers a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of a greener, more connected and more sustainable world.

Now, we invite you to Enjoy with us some of the videos that show some architectural marvels combined with mobility and sustainability thanks to innovative ideas!.

Image: The National – The Expo 2020 entry portals, designed by British architect Asif Khan

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