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Timberline Solar: the solar shingle that could render the solar roof a reality

GAF Energy,  the sister company to one of the largest roofing companies in the world and a division of Standard Industries, will present at CES 2022 its nailable solar shingles, the Timberline Solar.

This solar shingle could render the solar roof a reality. Moreover, according to CNBC, it just won the Best of Innovation Award for Smart Cities.

Image: The Verge

Which are the main advantages of the Timberline Solar system?

  1. It is composed of solar shingles, that can be nailed down in packs much like the everyday shingles.
  2. It takes days instead of weeks to be installed.
  3. A 6kW system takes up between 350 and 450 square feet on a roof, roughly the same amount of space as a rack-mounted solar panel system.
  4. The Timberline Solar are the first products to ever receive UL’s 7103 certifications to serve as both solar panels and construction materials.
  5. It’s fire-resistant, impact-resistant, textured to be walkable, and transparent enough to let the light through.
  6. Nailable solar shingles’ composition: a layer of glass, polysilicon solar cells, and a top layer of a proprietary fluorinated alkane ethylene polymer.
  7. Cost: lower than Tesla’s solar roof costs (according to CNET).

GAF Energy has invested more than $50 million in a manufacturing, research and development plant in San Jose, California, and employed about 150 people.The new plant project involves building improvements at a 112,000-square-foot facility that the company is leasing for nine years.

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Image: The Verge
Image: CNBC
Image: The Verge