The philosophy of our actions starts from the identification of the values ​​that underlie our conception of life, our vision and our mission.

IGeS places at bottom of the pyramid of values those from Christian culture, in which two millennia of west history has been embedded, regarding from the Humanism to the Enlightenment. In this sense, the desire for knowledge and culture, the knowledge that makes up culture is joined to the willingness towards others, the brotherhood and the sense of solidarity towards the human race.

It is significant for us to underline the importance of two concepts acquaintance and knowledge. Acquaintance is something acquired, belongs to the past, and therefore expresses static, while Knowledge represents a becoming, in terms of acquiring notions, rules, laws, history, experience, etc; all these turn into Knowledge with a value that has a proactive and non-passive nature.

Acquiring knowledge to move forward is consequently the company’s motto to identify its values, points of departure to set up the vision and mission. At this point, the identification of merits becomes the baseline for rewards, as knowledge is a direct reward to the effort made to learn and know.

At the same time, the respect for values, solidarity and Christian tolerance, involves a similar respect and understanding for the environment, the nature and our planet; these ones have been granted to us as a temporary home. The livelihoods that shall guarantee our existence must be consistent with the use of dwellings for those who will come after us; thereafter  IGeS  has adopted environmental compatibility as a basic practice in company management.

In consequence, for us, the vision is the result of the dynamics of knowledge that guarantees progress and respect for the environment that surround us. The choice of an engineering orientation that can favour lines of development aimed to mitigate the impact of human activities on the environment becomes our mission, and aims the desire to achieve a more just World in which there’s a place for merit, intelligence and genius; direct expressions of our God the Creator


Valter Maria Santoro – CEO